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Reginald Walden with Asian Shore


I'm Reginald Walden, a senior at the University of New Haven majoring in Marine Biology with a minor in Communications. I have a strong passion for protecting the fascinating biodiversity which sustains our ecosystems and sense of wonder. I am an Eagle Scout who previously worked as a park ranger for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers at Cape Cod Canal. 

This podcast explores the fascinating, complex science and history of marine and estuarine invasive species. From the beaches of Cape Cod to the abyssal depths of the Southern Ocean, invasive species have wrought catastrophic damage on biodiversity.

In this podcast, we are going to learn what they are, how they move, how they impact the environment and economy, ways they are being managed, and what you can do to stop their spread.

This podcast is produced as my senior thesis for the University of New Haven Marine Biology Program. It is recorded in the WNHU Studio.

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A Marine Invasive Species Podcast

Welcome to the official website for "The Walden Watch: A Marine Invasive Species Podcast." This podcast goes over the science, impact, and management of marine and estuarine invasive species.

Aerial View of Islands

Episode 5: A War of Men and Algae

Throughout this podcast, we have heard dreadful tales of marine invasive species threatening biodiversity and ruining economies. In our...

Episode 1: Profile of an Invader

What is an invasive species? Answering this question may be harder than it seems. This episode covers the history of invasion biology,...

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